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txf_stillness's Journal

"what are we doing up here Scully, it's hotter than hell."

The X Files Stillness Icon Challenge
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A Stillness Icon Challenge for The X Files & it's Stars
The X-Files Stillness
Welcome to txf_stillness, an icon challenge community, devoted to The X-Files.

01. You must be a member to enter icons. You do not have to be a member to vote.
02. Unless otherwise stated, all icons that are submitted to the challenges must meet the following requirements: the icons must be no more than 40kb and must be 100x100 pixels or less. Since this is a stillness community, animated icons are not allowed. Textures, brushes, etc are allowed to use.
03. If images are provided, you must use those images. (Please refer to each individual challenge for this particular rule as some challenges will allow you to use your own images.)
04. When submitting your icons please follow this format:

URL: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v627/aaronlisa1/txf_stillness/txf_stillnessicon.png
05. All icons entered must be made specifically for the challenge that you are entering and should not be posted until after winners are announced.
06. Do not vote for yourself. You can encourage your friends to participate in voting but do not ask them to vote for your icons.
07. When voting, please do not vote for your own icons.
Schedule & Awards
The timeline for the challenge is as follows:
* On Saturday, a new challenge will be posted. Members will have until the following Saturday at 9PM to enter icons.
* Once the challenge has closed, voting will go up either that day or on Sunday.
* Voting will remain up until 7PM on Wednesday.
* Winners will be announced either on the Wednesday or the Thursday.

In general, the catagories will be: First, Second and Third Place, as well as Best Colour, Best Crop and Mod's Choice. In some cases, there will be special catagories depending on that week's challenge.

Extensions will only be held in a last resort when there are less than three members who have entered icons or voting is in a complete deadlock.
Everything Else
Would you like to suggest a challenge? Would you like to know our past challenges? You can do so here. Are you interested in making banners? You can apply to be a banner maker here. Do you need to contact a mod, for any reason? Leave a screened comment at this post.

The current layout was designed by malionette at fruitstyle. The community header was created by danadoggett.

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